Monday, August 9, 2010


If I don't know what kind of God HE is, does that make me agnostic? I don't have any answers. I don't know how much to believe that God acts on our behalf or how much he choses to intervene. I don't know what part of the ingredients of life are made up of faith & how much are made up of personal initiative. Is there a magical equation? Some people of the Christian faith like to make life a magical equation. If I do this then, then THIS will happen. If I don't do THAT, then that will happen. So what happens when the equations don't come up with the same answers? Life is unpredictable. God is not completely knowable. I am simply okay with that. It leaves me wondering though. How much of God is knowable? I know, I know.....everyone is sure about all His rules. This is all that some know about HIM. I even question their confidence in that set of absolutes.
I see absolute in the sunset. I see it in the stars. I hear it in the chirping cricket that sits near me at night. I feel it in the breeze that blows softly by the tender skin of my cheeks. I hear it in the Truth of a pure heart of the one who sits beside me telling their story honestly. HE is knowable in the Universe... but He remains a mystery. I cannot cage and capture the spirit of God.

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