Friday, July 23, 2010

Creating Memories & Lasting Connections

Yesterday, I went to visit an old friend at the same beach house her family has rented once a year for 35 years. As a young teenager I went along for 2 of those summer rituals. It changed my life. It was there at the influenced age of 13 that I discovered my undying love for the ocean & the southern California beach culture. I felt like I had landed in my own backyard-the place I was meant to call home.
As I was there amongst her whole family that had of course grown into grandchildren, nephews & cousins, I realized how important it is to make good memories. This takes intention & commitment. Since time is fleeting & money is too the real stuff of life is what we make of the time & money we have. It is well spent on making memories that foster relationships- good relationships. Good memories are made while everyone is having fun & relaxing with people who bring them joy.
I am very grateful today that her parents had the patience to bring along the rif-raf. These were all the adolescent friends that circled around their children at the time. We benefitted greatly as the guests of a generous family. The same hospitality was present as I walked through the door 25 years later with my own 3 kids in tow. I was greeted by the matriarch with an earnest embrace that felt like the hug of motherhood!

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