Friday, August 27, 2010

INSPIRED repose. As I sit this morning on my small 10 x 12 ft lanai on a sunny southern California morning, I am struck by how easy it is to be at peace in this small corner of living. The trees in front of me are filled with tiny birds that flutter around making very little noise. My favorite curiosity, the humming bird, has also swept in adding to my sense of joy. The sky is an endless expanse of indescribable blue. For such a humble little place of dwelling my open air theater offers a lot to admire.
The simplicity of nature & the fact that it is always free (except when men take POSSESSION of it) is a great example of the goodness of God. The truest sense of living comes from creation. This includes the greatness that can be found in a friend who gives their most honest self. Relationships with people are part of inspired living. I believe more than anything else that God is Love. This is a very simple conclusion but it is one that I have suffered a lot to find as my true North. It is the only compass I have to this day to live by. Love & relationships, Beauty & inspiration are the reality of this life. All the rest is distraction.

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