Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have been a coastal dweller now for 5 weeks. It has been the place I wanted to live for nearly all my life. Hawaii living was a dream. This place is more like living in the real world with all the challenges & realities life has to dish out. The bonus is, you also get the ocean in your backyard. I can even legitimately decorate my space as one who does live at the beach! Shells, cottage theme, succulents & surf posters even may clutter up my dwelling.
I still find it hard to feel like I live here as is the case every time one moves to a new place. Everything is foreign. My skin crawls with the feeling of being displaced. It is just the reality of being a human being subject to time & space. I mean that in the most literal sense. We are subject to time & space. This is something I have given a lot of thought to lately. Time is limited to the NOW. You can't go back and change anything you've done (notice past-tense.) The future is out of your control UNTIL it becomes the NOW. This leads me to the idea of intentions..... My plans. What do I want? Good question to ask & even answer but today I am not sure I can. Let me get back to this. I have a sense that it is the million dollar question. I could really use a million dollars right now too, LITERALLY!

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